Anna Wollaston

The brand and marketing catalyst for change makers.

about me

I amplify the impact of purpose-driven businesses by unlocking their full brand and marketing potential.

from start-up to growth

Flexible, impactful and budget-friendly brand and marketing support, tailored to your growth stage.

minimum viable brand (mvb)

Build a brand that matters by creating a strong foundation that attracts customers and guides your business.

About me

I am a seasoned marketer and brand builder with 17 years of experience in creating and implementing strategies and initiatives that boost brand awareness, increase product sales and accelerate growth for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Burberry and Red Bull, as well as emerging companies like eco startup OceanSaver.My expertise spans audience development, brand strategy, identity and positioning, brand design and creative development, integrated marketing strategy, campaign strategy and through-the-funnel activation across owned, earned, shared and paid channels.Today, I use my deep understanding of human behaviour, decision-making and influencing-at-scale to amplify the positive impact of purpose-driven businesses by helping them unlock their full brand potential.Whether you're an early-stage startup lacking full-time marketing resources or an established business seeking to pivot towards an impact-led path, I offer comprehensive consulting and fractional services tailored to your needs.

FROM start-up to growth

Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or established business with a purpose, I can help you build and grow your brand without the need for full-time marketing hires.For start-ups and scale-ups my services offer the perfect solution to help establish a strong brand presence without the need for full-time marketing resources. With s comprehensive suite of consulting and fractional services you can get the support you need, at a cost that works for you.I will guide you through the process of developing effective brand and product strategies, setting you on the path to success from the outset.For established businesses, I can provide the strategic guidance and support needed to navigate the transition to a purpose-driven approach. I offer a fresh brand perspective to help revitalise your business and align it with an impact-minded trajectory.I will support you in avoiding the greenwashing and green-hushing pitfalls and ensure your brand resonates with your target audience and drives meaningful impact.

minimum viable brand (mvb)

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to create your brand, a startup in need of a redefined brand due to a pivot, or a scale-up seeking to enhance your brand's relevance to existing customers, I can support the development of your Minimum Viable Brand.I will help capture and distill the core elements of your company's vision, values, identity, target audience and positioning, crafting a compelling brand strategy that deeply resonates with your stakeholders and forms the building blocks of an impactful brand.By establishing a strong brand foundation and a cohesive strategy, the MVB will guide your product development, marketing efforts, and overall customer experience.